Training/Professional Supervision

Part of the service's offer is training and workshops to schools, colleges, volunteer organisations and parents groups/co-production groups in local authorities about Occupational Therapy and Mental Health as well as valuable tips and techniques for parents and carers to use at home as well as education settings.

This is invaluable and can be tailored to the organisation's needs.

Each training session is 2-3 hours long and has to have a minimum of 10 participants for a £500 cost (£50 per participant). 

As I have been an Occupational Therapist over the past 20 years, I bring a lot of experience in everything I do.

I have completed the safeguarding supervision for supervisors with King's College and can offer group Safeguarding supervision to supervisors.

I am also able to offer individual or group clinical supervisions to OT colleagues who would like to become experts in Mental Health.

Please call to request further information for charges.