Ever since the beginning of the Covid-19 measures and the inevitable lockdown the impact on people's physical, emotional and mental well being has been serious... Everybody is feeling the pressure, anxiety, stress, frustration, anger outbursts and the "when is this going to end" feeling alongside the "give me some SPACE!". The last one is more common between couples and families. Lots of us worry about our elderly parents and grandparents and the fear of loosing our loved ones is very real. The worst of it all is the loss of life that is out of anyone's control, the loss of jobs and business that has an impact on not just the individual but the wider socioeconomic context.

There are also other feelings that need to be acknowledged. Some of us feel grateful for staying in and seeing their children again instead of leaving early when they are asleep and coming late when it's time for them to go to bed, myself included and very guilty of this pre-Covid19 situation. Some people feel comfortable been by themselves; technology is helping to continue keeping in touch even from a distance.

All these situations are forming a new reality. A reality that we will have to learn to deal with after the lift of the measures. Businesses will re-open, schools will go back to normal but how are we going to react? We need to be mentally and psychologically ready to adapt and adjust but how considerate are we of others who may have lost a loved one through this, may have been sick and survived it, may have lost all their income and their family is struggling to make ends meet... There's a new reality approaching that we need to seriously consider that will not allow us to be selfish anymore. Our immediate family circle will need us to think of them first before us. Our peers and friends will need us to be there for them and we will need them to be there for us. Our neighbourhood and neighbours my need our help to get back on their feet and we will need them to feel included and not isolated. Our wider society as a nation will need us to come together and support our local businesses.

There's been no better time to leave our ego on the side and adopt the "we".

We can do this together.

We need to keep the hope going.

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